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iPersia is a subsidiary part of the Exeersoft (the parent company) that only aims to design and develop iPhone / iPad Farsi applications that fit the real needs of Persians all around the world. We have developed brand new Farsi applications that did not exist before in the app store and developed applications that already existed before though they weren't best comply with the highest standards of design and capability.

We constantly improve the quality of our apps by collecting comments and suggestions from users, and use them for new updates as well as our future products.

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If you like iPersia apps it's important to rate them on the app store. By rating the apps you are not only spreading your words about them, but also telling the app store that these are useful applications that deserve to be among the top apps of the app store.

Have you ever thought why there is NO Persian app among the top rated apps in the app store? It's simply because most of us don't take the time to rate our favorite persian apps eventhough we really love them.

Our hard work to create and design these applications won't pay off unless you rate them on the app store, so that more and more people learn about them and start using them.

So PLEASE spend a few minutes and make sure to rate these applications. You can simply click of the icons below to be directed to the app store to rate or you can also tap on the rate button on the info page of each app to be directed to the review page of that particular app.

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iPersia Apps

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About Us

iPersia is founded by a group of young Iranians in Northern California. Our goal is to build Farsi apps to satisfy your needs in today's world of technology with the highest quality of design and capability.

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Contact Us

Address: P.O.Box 23243
 San Jose, CA 95153
Tel:(408) 600-0543
Email: iPersia@ExeerSoft.com